lördag 19 juni 2010

Unbreakabull - Prot PvP 2200

Hello there!
So I would love to introduce my self then! Im Unbreakabull, a warrior out there on blizzards servers over the world. I start this blogg becouse of my very fast and succesfully pvp as prot. Within the time of 9 days I went from 1550 achievement to 2200 in 2v2! Setup was Prot warrior and Resto shaman! Many peoples have questioned me how we do it, and the streanght of the setup etc etc. This blogg will give more information about that later on!

So what have I done today then? Well today I have taken it chill, no luck with ZG mount either. I mostly been outside Orgrimmar dueling peoples. You have to love rogues right? :P